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Ferrilli Days 2019

Ferrilli Days 2019

Relationships are at the heart of what we do here at Ferrilli. This doesn’t apply to just our customers, but to our employees as well. Take our latest Ferrilli Days event, for example. It was the first Ferrilli Days we’ve had in three years and it proved to be a major success. “My excitement for collaboration on fresh solutions was rekindled. I fell in love with the company all over again,” stated Lea Kegly, one of Ferrilli’s talented senior consultants.

It all began on Thursday, October 3rd, in Dallas, Texas. Since many of our employees work remotely in various parts of the country, we were able to connect face-to-face under the hot Texas sun in order to socialize, participate in team-building exercises, and absorb valuable training sessions. Most importantly, we were able to learn more about our coworkers on a personal level. “This is my third Ferrilli Days, and they keep getting better and better,” says our Client Executive, Crystal Mercure.

We accomplished this through our informative training sessions and our fun excursions to Dallas landmarks such as La Hacienda, Corky’s, Main Event, and Kirby’s Steakhouse, with each venue offering the absolute best in terms of quality and atmosphere.

For some of the Ferrilli team, this was the first time we’d been able to meet our coworkers in person without a computer screen or a Zoom meeting to divide us. The team was split into two different training sessions. One half of us engaged in a lively and customized Dale Carnegie customer service training while the other half learned critical PMI and Agile training tips.

The customer service training revisited old practices and highlighted new methods that were incredibly beneficial to the Ferrilli team. We were able to discuss the science behind customer service and provide our own personal tales of effective communication skills. Our instructor delivered endless examples of how to take many forms and scenarios of customer service to the next level, which we’ll be able to apply to our own work and client interactions for a lifetime. The key points we learned during this training tied into the Ferrilli goals of providing unsurpassed customer service extraordinarily well.

Participants in the PMI/Agile training were informed of tools that they could use daily to effectively blend within the Agile framework. One interesting point of the PMI/Agile training was to remember that daily Scrum meetings should be strictly limited to 15 minutes and comprised of three elements: what you did yesterday, what you will accomplish today, and potential roadblocks. Content outside of these elements, such as problem-solving, should be moved into another meeting specific to the team members involved in that problem.

“For the Agile training, we had an amazing instructor who helped to lay the groundwork for the Agile mindset and project management. The team that took the training is eligible to apply for the ACP exam and I’m hopeful a bunch of our staff will pursue that certification,” mentions Greg Macphee, Ferrilli’s Director of Colleague Practice.

It should be noted that an impromptu Congo-style dancing line commenced during the customer service training, which was initiated by Robert Ferrilli and other members of the PMI/Agile training while a balloon hat rested on our very founder’s head. Talk about creating magical moments!

On Saturday, Robert Ferrilli hosted an awards dinner at Kirby’s Steakhouse where many members of the team were recognized for their irreplaceable talent. The list of winners is as follows:

2017 Employee of the Year – Mark Tuck

2018 Employee of the Year – Brandon Stevens

2018 Employee of the Year – Jacquelyn Simmons

2019 Employee of the Year – Jessica Bonelli

2019 Rookie of the Year – Joshua Flick

2019 Outstanding Banner Team Member – Brandon Stevens

2019 Outstanding Colleague Team Member – Karen Hupp

2019 Outstanding SCI Team Member – Patrick Cunningham

2019 Outstanding Sales & Administration Team Member – Kimberly Steele

Congratulations to all who won!

Relationships are at the heart of what we do at Ferrilli, whether it’s with our clients or with our employees. Our Ferrilli Days event was a perfect example of just that: we were able to strengthen our bonds further with our face-to-face interaction with the team. “This was my first Ferrilli Days and I loved every moment of it. I thought I knew all about customer service until I attended the Dale Carnegie Customer Service sessions. It was very informative and a great bonding moment for us all! It was a pleasure meeting everyone and getting to know my coworkers better than any Zoom session could ever do,” says Cyndi Monroe, one of Ferrilli’s consultants.

See you at Ferrilli Days 2020, team!